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Driven Administrator Guide

version 2.1.4-eap-9

Upgrading to Driven Server 2.1

Contact Technical Support before starting the upgrade or data migration.


  1. Ensure that all applications that feed data to Driven do not run while performing upgrade and migration.

  2. Back up the data of your Driven deployment. See Backing Up and Restoring Driven Repositories for more information.

  3. For sites running a stand-alone Elasticsearch cluster: Upgrade the cluster to Elasticsearch version 1.5.2. Also, if required, upgrade Elasticsearch plugins to be compatible with version 1.5.2.

Driven Server 1.2 > 2.1 upgrade does not require you to perform data migration steps and is documented below.
Driven Server 1.1 > 1.2 upgrade has data migration steps and is documented in Migrating Your Data for a Driven Upgrade. If you have a version 1.1 deployment, complete the upgrade and migration steps to version 1.2 and then perform the 1.2 > 2.1 upgrade.

Upgrade the Driven Server

To upgrade the Driven Server, you need to replace the WAR file contents of your deployment with the contents of the version 2.1 WAR file while the server is stopped. After you restart the server, install version 2.1 of the Driven CLI Client.

Step 1: Download the Driven Server installation ZIP archive, which includes Apache Tomcat and embedded Elasticsearch libraries, by one of the following methods:

$ wget -i

Step 2: Extract the ZIP archive to the default driven-tomcat-2.1.4-eap-9/ directory, which is later referred to as ${UPGRADE_DIR}.

Step 3: Run the script in the Driven installation directory:

$ bin/

Step 4: Remove the contents of the ${INSTALL_DIR}/webapps/ directory by running the following command:

$ rm -rf ${INSTALL_DIR}/webapps/*

Step 5: Copy the WAR file from the newly extracted webapps directory to the webapps directory in the Driven installation path:

$ cp ${UPGRADE_DIR}/webapps/ROOT.war ${INSTALL_DIR}/webapps/ROOT.war

Step 6: Ensure that the system user that will run Tomcat has execute and write permissions on the copied WAR file.

Step 7: Run the script in the Driven installation directory:

$ bin/

Step 8: Follow the steps in Installing the Driven CLI Client.