Table of Contents

Installing Driven Beta with a Downloaded JAR File

version 2.1.4-eap-9

Installing the Plugin JAR File

Download the latest beta version of the Driven Plugin JAR file.

  • On UNIX, Linux, and Mac: Run the following command:

$ wget -i

The JAR file includes all dependencies.

Configuring the Plugin to Run with Remote Hadoop Clusters

Make the plugin accessible to your applications so that Driven can capture relevant data from Hadoop. You can use one of the following methods:

  • Add the following property to the $HADOOP_CONF/ file:

$ echo${PATH}/driven-plugin-2.1.4-eap-9.jar >> $HADOOP_CONF/
  • Alternatively, set the path to the plugin through the HADOOP_CLASSPATH environment variable:

$ export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=${PATH}/driven-plugin-2.1.4-eap-9.jar

Configuring the Plugin to Run with Local-Mode Applications

Add the Driven Plugin to your classpath. If you have an existing application that runs in local mode, you can do this by one of the following methods:

  • Set the CLASSPATH environment variable.

  • Alternatively, specify the plugin on the java command line using the -cp flag. To do this, enter a command in the following format:

$ java -cp ${JAR_NAME}.jar >:driven-plugin-2.1.4-eap-9.jar ${MAIN_NAME}.Main

Start Monitoring Your Data Applications

You are now ready to see how your applications are doing. See the Using Driven section of the Getting Started page.