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Using a Driven Team API Key

version 2.1.4-eap-9

By using a team API key when you run an application, Driven can collect and display a wider range of application performance information. The API also enables collaborative features, such as team-sharing of views.

If you utilize Driven with more than one team, you must use separate, team-specific API keys to segment application runs accordingly.
You can find the API key of a team by selecting your user name on the top right corner > My Teams. See Configuring Teams for Collaboration for additional information.

AWS users: See the Amazon EMR documentation for how to integrate the Driven API with the plugin.
Other environments: Expose the API key to the Driven Plugin by one of the following methods, depending on your environment and preferences:

  • Option 1: Create or update the file and ensure it is in your HADOOP_CLASSPATH. The easiest way to do this is to place the file in your Hadoop configuration directory ($HADOOP_CONF). For Hadoop 1.x, this might be $HADOOP_HOME/conf. For Hadoop 2.x, the directory might be $HADOOP_INSTALL/etc/hadoop. Example:

    $ echo${API_KEY} >> $HADOOP_CONF/
  • Option 2: Set a local environment variable. Example:

    $ export DRIVEN_API_KEY=${API_KEY}
  • Option 3: Set a Java system property named Example:${API_KEY} ....

For More Information

See the Driven Documentation home page to learn about features in more depth and to discover additional resources.