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Quick Start Guide for On-Site Driven 2.1 Deployment

version 2.1.4-eap-9

This guide is for system administrators who want a short list of steps for deploying Driven on-site.

For detailed information about installing and configuring the product, see the Driven Administrator Guide. If you want to learn more about the application performance monitoring features of Driven or how to use the product, see the Driven User Guide.

Installing and Starting the Driven Server

Prerequisite: Java 7 installation on your computer.

1. Download the Driven Server installation ZIP archive, which includes Apache Tomcat and embedded Elasticsearch libraries, from

2. Unzip the archive and cd to the newly created directory, which is the default installation location. Example:

$ unzip
$ cd driven-tomcat-2.1.4-eap-9

3. Run the script in the Driven installation directory:

$ bin/

4. Open http://localhost:8080 after the Driven Server starts up.

5. Enter the license key that you received after registering for Driven.

6. Log in with the default user account credentials (admin for both user name and password).

Installing and Configuring the Driven Plugin

Prerequisite: Your data applications must have network access to the Driven Server installation.

1. Download the plugin JAR file from The JAR file includes all dependencies.

2. Specify the plugin path and Driven Server URL in the file. For example:


3. Run your data application.

4. Find the Get Driven logo in the console. The URL for Driven’s visualization and performance metrics of the application run appears directly under the logo.

Installing the Driven Agent for Hive and Native MapReduce

To get telemetry data from Hive or native MapReduce applications, install the Driven Agent. See the Driven Agent Getting Started.

If you are monitoring only Cascading applications with Driven, then you do not need to install the agent.

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